In the Eyes of the Beholder

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Who said, “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder?” If you said Shakespeare, you are correct.  But you’d be right if you said Ben Franklin.  “Plato” would also earn you a gold star.  How can that be?  All three observed this human truth, but it was a 19th century author named Margaret Wolfe Hungerford who actually coined the phrase as it’s currently used.  And is it ever true – three times in one day I experienced similar during a trip to Philadelphia.

Public-private partnership between Philadelphia and InSinkErator

Not long ago, Philadelphia launched an initiative called “Clean Kitchen, Green Community” to encourage the use of food waste disposers among residents ( The city’s Greenworks program, a vision for the city’s sustainability, defined numerous goals and among them were improved recycling and renewable energy generation.  Disposers later were identified by the city as a tool to help achieve those goals. To spread the word of the “disposer encouragement” program (which I will explain in a bit) the mayor’s office held a press conference. Numerous city officials and politicians were on-hand and spoke, including Mayor Nutter himself, but what was it that seemed to steal the show?  The disposer on display that the mayor – and others – used to grind up food scraps. I guess to some reporters, a city official stuffing gnawed chicken wings down the drain was an eye-catcher for viewers and readers.

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