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Back by popular demand, the Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant Valentine’s Day Tour occurs tomorrow. So popular in fact, if you’re not already signed up, you’ll have to sign up for another day!

Most of my colleagues are very familiar with my sincere passion for this industry. They know I often visit the local treatment plant during my travels, and thoroughly enjoy explaining how everything works.

The bottom line is that most people take sanitation for granted and show no concern for wastewater collection and treatment, until they have a problem with their plumbing or there is a significant rate increase on the monthly water and sewer bill.


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This industry has gone way beyond providing protection for public health and the environment. These facilities are now changing the future with their focus on resource recovery – clean water, energy and fertilizer.

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day tomorrow, remember both your sweetheart and your local wastewater treatment professional – and don’t take either of them for granted!


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