Kitchen Hacks for the Holiday

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This is the time of year when we gather for a big feast. And afterwards can be a busy time for plumbers, due to the improper disposal of fats, oils and grease (FOG). Remember, fats can be liquefied with heat but solidify in plumbing and sewers after cooling. This can lead to serious issues – plumbing and sewer blockages. Please don’t use your sink, toilet, or disposer to improperly dispose of FOG. It can cause undesirable situations – sewer backups and expensive visits from the plumber.

And what about all those potato peelings and even the leftover turkey carcass from the feast? Here is an interesting new way to peel your potatoes and recycle the skins.


YouTube Video of Ingenious Method for Peeling Potatoes

Over time, potato peels have been named as the culprit in disposer-related sink backups, often by your mother and the plumber. Why? It’s not because potato peels are particularly difficult to grind. As often as not, it’s because people pack the disposer full with the peels of many potatoes and then turn on the disposer.   Sometimes without turning on the water or running it through. Or, just as bad – not letting the water run afterwards.

Modern disposers have multiple grind stages, which help alleviate jams and clogs and make grinding even more difficult waste–like the turkey carcass–easy and fast. Yes, I am telling you that with an advanced disposer you not only don’t you have to worry about potato peels but you don’t have to worry about grinding a turkey carcass either.

My hope is that your holiday season is enjoyable and uneventful (at least with regard to kitchen backups) so here are some tips for using your disposer.

  1. Turn on the water.
  2. Turn on the disposer.
  3. Slowly add food scraps to the disposer.
  4. Leave disposer on until grinding is complete.
  5. Turn off the disposer.
  6. Let the water run a few extra seconds.

Proper Use 2

I’ll have the carcass demo in my next post!

Happy Thanksgiving!