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The focus of my work at InSinkErator® is about how food waste impacts municipal infrastructure and in particular, wastewater treatment plants. Climate change is also an important factor in the discussion. I count myself fortunate to have met so many accomplished people as a result of the work I do — many of whom are considered “gurus” in their respective fields and whose knowledge I’ve been fortunate enough to experience and on occasion, tap into.

I hope through this blog to maintain a personal connection with the experts I’ve met by writing about a wide variety of topics and inviting input and discussion.  A few of the initial ideas I’d like to explore are:

  • -Energy production
  • -Operational and maintenance challenges in collections systems
  • -PCPPs; food waste and PCPPs
  • -Beneficial reuse of biosolids and public education
  • -Peak phosphorus
  • -Reports and observations from the conferences I attend and occasionally present at, including WEFTEC, NACWA, BioCycle, NEBRA and others
  • -Research I am working on
  • -The “brain drain” in the industry
  • -Interesting projects from around the world and in particular, the work of National Geographic Explorer  T.H. Culhane  

I’m very interested in hearing from readers about topics of interest for discussion. Please comment or email me if there’s something you’d like for this blog to tackle. It’s my hope to bring together a variety of voices and thus, a number of ideas.

Cloaca Maxima, the sewer system built in the sixth or seventh century B.C. by one of the ancient rulers of Rome. (Public Domain. Courtesy Lalupa, Wikipedia).